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It's A Rink Life: Rumour Mill: Mystery skate sharpening place in Newmarket
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Rumour Mill: Mystery skate sharpening place in Newmarket

man sharpening skates

Now for the second time, I’ve heard something on the grapevine about some place in South Newmarket that does a really good job at sharpening skates. Robin and I heard some chat about it a few months ago …hadn’t heard of a place ….. word was that it was in a house on mulock near sandford ..(if you know the town, you’ll know the nondescript area). Then again just today, a similar report passed on to me by someone about a place near bayview/mulock? ….. that’s close enough to not be a coincidence.

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Unless someone can substantiate the claim further, will have to make a trip over there to try and hunt it out. Would be nice to have another option in town for sharpening to add to the limited (All Pro, National), albeit reliable, services around.

I remember when my sister was heavy into figure skating, there is/was a guy in thornhill or richmond hill that ran a sharpening op out of his house. Jake was the name, and his son. And they were good. All the big name celebrity figure skaters were in there at some point … either in person or sending their skates before competitions from all over the world. Seriously. Went there a few times to get my sister’s skates done. I always remember the signed photos on the wall from people like Katarina Vitt .. dunno why I remember that name only. haha

Anyways, sharpening, yeah …… need to do it if you’ve been taking part in any pond hockey for sure. Or of course, you could abandon the need for sharpening altogether and join the ‘Scrape’ crew, with some T-Blades. Like our hockey maestro friend Robin P.

Posted on 5 February 2008, 20:45 by Chris "The Duke" Fizik Earle

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