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It's A Rink Life: Post hockey rundown and a classic Pickering College rink ad
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Post hockey rundown and a classic Pickering College rink ad

classic classic ad

Just finished up getting some brunch after the Sat-Grind hockey over at Pickering…. always good to get cozy with some food and coffee on a wintery saturday.

Hockey was decent, though not that many guys out so we went 4-on-4. Our side dominated for alot of the game … totally controlling the play. Shut down Nemesis nicely a few times and he also screwed up his ‘move’ a bunch of times and let the puck get away from him….so that made my job easy. Our only really battle was trying to score on Sean C. A feat which we leave up to Robin to tackle and tackle it repeatedly he did. Finally found the top corner a few times for some sweet end of game points.

Anyways — speaking of Pickering, check this out:

Pickering Arena featured a fair bit in media over its history … the most memorable IMO is this ad that showed what a crazy cold, sunlit BARN it was

Back when Kurt Browning totally owned it too …..

Posted on 2 February 2008, 14:45 by Chris "The Duke" Fizik Earle

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