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It's A Rink Life: Last game of the season: sadness, tension and questions
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Last game of the season: sadness, tension and questions

Magna Centre west entrance ... entryway to hockey dreams

Man, the last game of the Russell Hockey season is tomorrow night.

Against one of our arch-enemies, Team Purple.

What else can I say — lookin forward to it, since the last time we played them (and yes, we have played them alot, thanks to sketchy league scheduling), they had no goalie and so it was a no-game of tossing the puck around aimlessly.
This time, if the game gets going properly, it could get really tense, as it has before. And if it does, I’m gonna have to start playin the man tough and those Purple guys sure hate that. haha We do enjoy stepping our game up tho — that’s hockey.

The sad thing is that the season is coming to an end. We’ve had a pretty good time playing together as veterans and newbies and friends alike. Made the best of a sketchy league situation, killed some teams, battled some teams, got injured, injured people, and whatever — a good winter season.
The question on everyone’s mind now is —
Where’s the after-party?!

Well, that’s one of the questions — the other being where are we playing in the summer?
As a bunch of us tend to travel around and run into each other at gatherings (and subsequently take them over), we have used some hockey networking to find a league down at York U. Whether it all pans out, who knows. Gotta sweet talk Sean into being our brilliant goalie again, and see how much of a super team we can put together. The lineup for players seems to have gotten longer since the fall — with more veterans being hunted down, and more newbies becoming interested in playing with us — why? because we look like we’re having so much fun and we’re so c00l. haha

Anyways .. just ranting about the end of the season — it’ll be a decent game no doubt, and a good evening with the crew. Go Team Teal.

Posted on 17 April 2008, 20:59 by Chris "The Duke" Fizik Earle

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