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It's A Rink Life: Injuries, getting hit with pucks, and the wear and tear of the weekly grind
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Injuries, getting hit with pucks, and the wear and tear of the weekly grind

chris' arm after taking a puck off it at Russell Hockey


Considering how much we’re playing, it hasn’t happened at all really except for a recent rash of bruises on Robin’s part. But then last night I got beaned not once, but three times by shots. I was meaning to block them of course, well, as much as I normally would be ‘trying to’ on D anyways — but damn ….. I’m defo part of the bruise club now. Two slap shots to the foot, the same foot, from the same shooter. And then another high one that went right off the non padded inner-side of my arm. At least it was from a different shooter that time.

Not meaning to complain by any means .. wear and tear comes with the grind and is expected. The question now is: how to best recover and utilize off-days advantageously.


  • standard … find that ice pack and get 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off.
    It really helps slow bruising and swelling and point the body to healing mode.


  • don’t skimp out, especially early on .. need the body some time to itself to regenerate.


  • a big fan of the water and the G — always good to be hydrated, especially after a game when you’ve lost alot of fluid through sweat.

hm..what else …

  • Depending on how bad it is — maybe some Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) to ease the pain and help regeneration.

Generally we play a solid enough game that we’re not bouncing around and getting beat up week in and week out. With the amount I play the man too. hehe
Of course there’s the funny spills along the boards and the wacky hits and slashing that Robin seems to endure when he’s splitting the D and scraping his way past forwards…
One recent injury to point out though is Petras Sr.‘s puck to the face earlier this week of course. He’s on the road to recovery, but boy is that an exception to the normal wear and tear.

In related news, we won the game 8-6, controlling the play consistently throughout. Brad scored after hitting posts and making all sorts of shots, Freeman one, Robin potted I think 2, and Tim scored a beautiful deak (Dover School of Hockey rears itself again), Dan banged in at least one, and Dennis got set up nicely by Robin for 2. I made a couple sweet poke checks on star-traitor/tradee Kevin, and also made a large check on some asian kid who didn’t know what hit him even though we were challenging for the puck at the same time. Are we on a win streak? think so …. and we didn’t even have Campbell in net last night, our fill in goalie Serge played quite strongly thankfully.

Posted on 9 February 2008, 16:01 by Chris "The Duke" Fizik Earle

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