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It's A Rink Life: What's the Deal with Warrior Hockey?
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What's the Deal with Warrior Hockey?

warrior hockey ad with hot flight attendants and Kovalev

Warrior Hockey — you know the brand, you’ve seen the sticks and gear …but what is the deal with them anyways?

I mean, look at this page for one of the products: the AK27 shaft
Not your average hockey style. Geared towards the younger extreme sports-weaned skater kids of today’s hockey generation.

It’s all good though — check out the full version of the sexy ad pic from the header image of this post.

Warrior Lacrosse is the core company, with history as far back as R&D in the early 90’s and strong ties to the sport. However, their hockey ambitions came in 2005, when they acquired California manufacturer Innovative Hockey. The new division, Warrior Hockey, quickly became a hit in the NHL, recognized for very high quality.

The most recognizable hockey stick is the warrior AK27 it is named after Alexei Kovalev number 27 of the infamous Montreal Canadiens.


Also notable as far as the corporate sports gear world goes, its parent company is now New Balance.

Anyways, enough business talk. Speaking of Kovalev..

Definitely an interesting brand in the hockey world, with slightly different roots and unique, fresh approaches to style and marketing.

Posted on 20 January 2009, 22:15 by Chris "The Duke" Fizik Earle

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