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It's A Rink Life: TTFKATT starts Summer Direction
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TTFKATT starts Summer Direction

The Team Formerly Known As Team Teal hits the ice tonight under its summer league name – the Whalers? .. That’s right, you guessed correctly — the Hartford Whalers. A joke name made up by our de-factor captain — Cap’n Tim. Ah well, it’ll do.

Gatorade has it’s new League of Clutch campaign I’ve noticed on TV the last few days. Haven’t seen the NHL / Sidney Crosby one yet, but I’m sure it’ll sneak it’s way into TSN or US hockey playoff coverage any day now. Don’t intend for this summer league to be any sort of League of Clutch mind you, but who knows. I’m sure some rivalries will pop up just like Teal v. Purple was during the winter.

No idea what to expect tonight with the league and everything. Hopefully the usual suspects core crew of Robin the Scrape, Dennis Bud, and Bradfeld will be playing their usual and keeping us on our toes and in the lead. Sean C. and I will be trying to hold down the D end — the big questions remain about what calibre the league is and what the new ‘signings’ to the team are like.

A bit of a hike over to The Pavilion too — hopefully a decent facility as we have high Magna Centre standards now…haha. I’ll be riding with Robin in the new official hockey mobile, and paying him by the G’s. That’s Gatorade for the record.

Anyways, will post again post-game with thoughts. Here’s to hockey starting up again!

Posted on 7 May 2008, 19:24 by Chris "The Duke" Fizik Earle

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