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It's A Rink Life: Ovechkin: Rockstar President
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Ovechkin: Rockstar President

Ovie Oval Office

Rockstar President, see the full pic

Okay, it’s no secret around here that we at IARL are fans of Alexander Ovechkin — I mean, the enjoyment we get out of his appearances on the highlight real is always great, and the pleasure we see in his play reminds us of our own love for the rink life.

Ovechkin Markov partying it up However, he really is operating on some other crazy level. First there’s these old pics circulating around of him cementing his rockstar life status — a night out on the town with Markov racked up a bill after a ton of drinks and introduced them to a number of friendly ladies. There was a ‘receipt’ floating around the net that supposedly was for like $1000+ dollars but has been proven to be fake, but we can dream…

Ovechkin celebrates at All-Star Breakaway competition 2009 Then there was of course, Ovie’s now famous performance at the NHL All-Star weekend Breakaway competition with the hat and glasses and double sticks and act with Malkin.

Now the NHL Playoffs are on and Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals are in the first round against the New York Rangers, Ovie has come out with some new antics.

Rangers were on the ice practicing the other morning and Ovechkin wanders in and sits down on the Visitors’ bench and just watches them practice!

Ovie is just chilling there, hanging out, when one of the Rangers trainers starts complaining and eventually Ovechkin was asked to leave by a Capitals PR guy. Hilarious. Ovechkin didn’t mean much by it, he wasn’t really ‘scouting’ the Rangers out. He explained to the media later that he did it to ‘tick off’ Rangers coach John Tortorella. Watch this clip here on the TSN media player of it — pretty funny stuff. Ovie’s Spy Games

And also this NY sports mention of the incident…

Thing is, Ovie, despite not doing to hot in the playoffs even, still seems to be enjoying himself, as well as leading the NHL to new heights and being in the spotlight — very Rockstar President-like if you ask us at IARL — and you can’t help but like the guy a bit for that.

Posted on 21 April 2009, 22:54 by Chris "The Duke" Fizik Earle

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